Exploring 6 popular traditional fishing warfs and harbors in Taiwan

Are you looking for the best places to find Seafood and experience the sea traditions of Taiwan? Today I would like to show you some of the best traditional fishing harbors you can visit in Taiwan. Taiwan has a rich historical and cultural tradition in fishing. This is not a supprise being an Island surrounded … Read more

15 of the most popular and famous temples in Taiwan

Religion is deeply embedded in the roots of Taiwan. Taiwan is southeast asia’s most densily built countries with many temples and places of worship. In total Taiwan has almost 15,000 temples which is about one building every square km! I would like to show you a list of the most popular temples in Taiwan. If … Read more

Modern Dutch architecture in Taiwan

The other day I read a news which attracted my attention: The Taipei Performance Art Center was opened. I remember back 6 years ago when I lived in Taiwan construction of the building had already started. You can easily notice this building when you go to the Shilin district, its right next to the entrance … Read more

Taiwanese restaurant Jen’s Bing

I believe anyone who has ever visited Taiwan must have been suprised about the amount of good food you’ll find there and ever since I left Taiwan I miss the Taiwan food. I have some Taiwanese cooking books but it is hard to find the right ingredients and recreate the authentic streetfood dishes. In the … Read more

Must see: 5 Amazing traditional Taiwanese houses!

When you travel to Taiwan you will soon see that Taiwan is a country where modern meets tradition. This is no different when you look at the architecture of buildings on the island which are influenced by many cultures over the last centuries. For thousands of years Austronesian tribes lived on the island of Taiwan … Read more

Seven Taiwanese festivals or celebrations to enjoy and one to avoid.

Taiwan has a rich cultural diversity and during the year you can witness many festivals and celebrations. When planning a trip to Taiwan I would definitely take into account when and where some of these wonderful cultural events are. I would like to give you some suggestions about the largest and popular ones throughout the … Read more