Crossing Continents: How Baseball Became a Shared Passion for Taiwan and Holland

Tomorrow, Saturday 11th of March 2023 the Taiwanese baseball team plays against the team of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the 2023 World Baseball Classic tournament. The Taiwan team WBSC rank is currently 2nd while the Kingdom of the Netherlands WBSC rank is currently 7th. You can’t ask to wonder, how did baseball become … Read more

Unique Vermeer Exhibition opens at Rijksmuseum this spring

#update II: March 11th, Exhibiton now really sold out, if you want tickets now all you can do is look at the secondhand market. #update I: March 6, due to popularity more tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW. Rijksmuseum have decided during weekdays the exhibition will be open also during the evenings and they will … Read more

Modern Dutch architecture in Taiwan

The other day I read a news which attracted my attention: The Taipei Performance Art Center was opened. I remember back 6 years ago when I lived in Taiwan construction of the building had already started. You can easily notice this building when you go to the Shilin district, its right next to the entrance … Read more