8 historical forts and defensive structures in and around Keelung

Keelung has quite a long history and has been an important port for Taiwan for centuries. Due to this importance, local rulers felt the need for defensive structures. Nowadays they are not in use anymore and are popular tourist destinations. Today I would like to go with you through the list of historical forts and … Read more

Exploring 6 popular traditional fishing warfs and harbors in Taiwan

Are you looking for the best places to find Seafood and experience the sea traditions of Taiwan? Today I would like to show you some of the best traditional fishing harbors you can visit in Taiwan. Taiwan has a rich historical and cultural tradition in fishing. This is not a supprise being an Island surrounded … Read more

The rise and fall of Dutch Formosa (1624-1662)

I heard for the first time there was a Dutch Settlement by the VOC in Taiwan in the 17th Century when I went to travel to the city of Tainain in the South of Taiwan. We went to have a look at the An-ping fort (remains of fort Zeelandia) and to Fort Provintia. There were … Read more

Must see: 5 Amazing traditional Taiwanese houses!

When you travel to Taiwan you will soon see that Taiwan is a country where modern meets tradition. This is no different when you look at the architecture of buildings on the island which are influenced by many cultures over the last centuries. For thousands of years Austronesian tribes lived on the island of Taiwan … Read more

What were traditional Taiwanese houses like? part 1: Austronesian and Qin dynasty architecture

In Taipei I visited the Lin an Tai Historical house in Northern Taipei next to the Keelung river. It is a red bricked house with Chinese style saddle roof. It has multiple rooms and is surrounded by a beautiful garden with ponds. As I walked there I wondered myself what traditional houses were like in … Read more