Modern Dutch architecture in Taiwan

The other day I read a news which attracted my attention: The Taipei Performance Art Center was opened. I remember back 6 years ago when I lived in Taiwan construction of the building had already started. You can easily notice this building when you go to the Shilin district, its right next to the entrance … Read more

Exploring museum square in Amsterdam: Part 1/3: The Rijksmuseum

The rijks museum is located at the head of the museumsquare (Dutch:museumplein). Next to the Museumsquare there are 3 big museums located: The rijksmuseum, the van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum (museum of modern and contemporary art). In front of the entrance of the rijksmuseum (where used to be the IAMSTERDAM sign) is a … Read more

Taiwanese restaurant Jen’s Bing

I believe anyone who has ever visited Taiwan must have been suprised about the amount of good food you’ll find there and ever since I left Taiwan I miss the Taiwan food. I have some Taiwanese cooking books but it is hard to find the right ingredients and recreate the authentic streetfood dishes. In the … Read more

why do the dutch love to wear orange?

Finally the European soccer championship 2020 started last Friday. It was postponed with one year due to the Covid19 pandemic but now, together with an increasing rate of vaccination coverage in Holland (Already people born in 1990 can make an appointment) and decreasing Covid19 cases it makes a perfect start of this summer. Right after … Read more

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