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I always love to learn more about Taiwan or Holland and one way to do this is by listening to podcasts about various topics while im at work. In this section I would like to give you some podcasts about Taiwan or Holland which I found online. *These are not podcasts made by me*

If you are interested you can click on the links to go to the webpage where you can listen to them. They do not link to special podcast apps or such.

Podcast Taiwan: #3 The history of Taiwan

Justin M Jacobs is a professor at the American University in Washington and is a historian about China, Xinjiang, the Silk Road, antiquities, and archaeology. He wrote several books about these topics. He made...

Podcast Taiwan: #2 Travel to Taiwan

In this podcast Chriss Christensen from who talks to Matt who just went on a trip to Taiwan. The sound quality is a bit off and Matt does not have a really in-depth...

Podcast Taiwan: #1 birding in Taiwan

In this podcast we follow Bill from Birdwatchers Digests who went on a trip for birdwatching to Taiwan. He talks to Chuck their local guide who talks about the endemic birds which only can...

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