Why is Holland famous for tulips? Guide to Dutch Tulip sightseeing.

When you think of Holland, most people will think of windmills, wooden shoes and Tulips. The Tulip is our national flower, we even have a National Tulip day celebrating the opening of the Tulip season. On that day Tulips are handed out for free in Amsterdam to everyone who wants to enjoy. But why is … Read more

Marvel at the works of the most famous Dutch painters in history, here’s where you can find them!

With the Vermeer exhibition often in the news lately (I already booked my tickets!) It made me think, maybe it would be good to give an introduction to some of the famous Dutch painters and make an overview of where to go to see their paintings. I have to say the list of artists is … Read more

Crossing Continents: How Baseball Became a Shared Passion for Taiwan and Holland

Tomorrow, Saturday 11th of March 2023 the Taiwanese baseball team plays against the team of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the 2023 World Baseball Classic tournament. The Taiwan team WBSC rank is currently 2nd while the Kingdom of the Netherlands WBSC rank is currently 7th. You can’t ask to wonder, how did baseball become … Read more

Unique Vermeer Exhibition opens at Rijksmuseum this spring

#update II: March 11th, Exhibiton now really sold out, if you want tickets now all you can do is look at the secondhand market. #update I: March 6, due to popularity more tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW. Rijksmuseum have decided during weekdays the exhibition will be open also during the evenings and they will … Read more

Destruction caused by a typhoon at Fort Zeelandia in Dutch Formosa, October 1656

Taiwan is frequently visited by Typhoons. Most of them are moving passed the island but sometimes they also hit the island. When I lived in Taiwan I only once had a Typhoon struck northern Taiwan. Back then I lived in Taipei city, and apart of some rain and stronger wind, in the city center it … Read more

Things to do in Keelung: exploring this historic port city

Dear reader: This article contains affiliate links. These will help this website grow, but will not cost you anything extra. Keelung is a large port city in north east of Taiwan. The city of Keelung is also nicknamed the rainy port because it rains a lot, but don’t let that put you off visiting this … Read more

8 historical forts and defensive structures in and around Keelung

Keelung has quite a long history and has been an important port for Taiwan for centuries. Due to this importance, local rulers felt the need for defensive structures. Nowadays they are not in use anymore and are popular tourist destinations. Today I would like to go with you through the list of historical forts and … Read more