Taiwanese restaurant Jen’s Bing

I believe anyone who has ever visited Taiwan must have been suprised about the amount of good food you’ll find there and ever since I left Taiwan I miss the Taiwan food. I have some Taiwanese cooking books but it is hard to find the right ingredients and recreate the authentic streetfood dishes. In the … Read more

Historical maps of Taiwan

This is an ongoing project of mine. I collect historical maps of Taiwan. Maps can tell the history of a place through the years. Interesting features and descriptions put on a map can sometimes be connected to written records of a time period. Sometimes in Modern day there are even traces of the past left … Read more

What were traditional Taiwanese houses like? part 1: Austronesian and Qin dynasty architecture

In Taipei I visited the Lin an Tai Historical house in Northern Taipei next to the Keelung river. It is a red bricked house with Chinese style saddle roof. It has multiple rooms and is surrounded by a beautiful garden with ponds. As I walked there I wondered myself what traditional houses were like in … Read more

A year by year timeline of the history of Taiwan

The island of Taiwan is already inhabited by people for thousands of years but only the last 400 years is well recorded in written form since in the 1500’s records of Portuguese sailors first named the island as Illha Formosa: beautiful island and later the Dutch East India Company arrived. I did some research and … Read more