Exploring 6 popular traditional fishing warfs and harbors in Taiwan

Are you looking for the best places to find Seafood and experience the sea traditions of Taiwan? Today I would like to show you some of the best traditional fishing harbors you can visit in Taiwan. Taiwan has a rich historical and cultural tradition in fishing. This is not a supprise being an Island surrounded … Read more

15 of the most popular and famous temples in Taiwan

Religion is deeply embedded in the roots of Taiwan. Taiwan is southeast asia’s most densily built countries with many temples and places of worship. In total Taiwan has almost 15,000 temples which is about one building every square km! I would like to show you a list of the most popular temples in Taiwan. If … Read more

How is the Taiwanese education system?

Taiwan has a 12 -year basic education system for all students of which 9 years are compulsory. However most students choose to continue their study to university. National education in Taiwan Elementary school At the age of 6 years children are going to Elementary school. Elementary school has six grades and thus takes six years. … Read more

Taiwan Language

What language do the people in Taiwan speak? People in Taiwan both speak Mandarin, Taiwanese and some speak minority Formosan languages. What language is mostly spoken in Taiwan? The language most spoken in Taiwan is Taiwanese mandarin. It was introduced after 1945 when R.O.C. took over the island from Japan rule. Taiwan uses Traditional Chinese … Read more

Democracy and politics in Taiwan

Is Taiwan a democracy? Yes, Taiwan is a democracy since 1987 and is one of the most liberal and democratic country in all of South East Asia. History & background of Politics in Taiwan The Republic of China’s constitution was already in place in 1947 however Taiwan has not been been a Democracy since then. … Read more

Demography of Taiwan

Some facts about Taiwan Demography, source: National Statistics bureau Taiwan. How many people live in Taiwan? Taiwan is a densily populated country. because half the country is forest and mountain area most of the cities are concentrated on the plains area in the north, west and southcoast of the island. Currently about 23,5 million people … Read more