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Taiwan has a very strict Covid policy. Very early they noticed the covid virus and being an island they soon shut it down for international travel. Also standing alone on the international podium (they are excluded from the World Health Organization) and also difficult to get any vaccinations later on this strict covid policy was neccesary.

This strict covid policy has worked very well. Where many countries went into lockdown in Taiwan society for most of recent years was open and daily life was normal as usual.

After getting a high vaccination rate now the virus is slowly going around in Taiwan also. However where other countries have opened up since spring this year, Taiwan until now, is still closed for tourism while any other travelers still need to go in a 4 days hotel-quarantine upon arrival.

Can you travel to Taiwan?

No and yes: Taiwan is still closed for tourism. However there are some exceptions for people traveling to study, work or visit relatives:

“Currently, foreign nationals are allowed to enter the country for the purposes of visiting relatives, joining family, studying, learning Mandarin, conducting business, investing, fulfilling contractual obligations, and engaging in employment, as well as for emergency and humanitarian reasons and other special cases approved by the CECC.”

To enter you have to apply for a special Visa. (the normal 90 day tourist visa is suspended. )

After arriving you have to go to join a mandatory 4 days quarantine in a quarantine hotel.

Always check if above rules are still valid and applicable when you are planning to travel to Taiwan. The latest news regarding traveling to Taiwan and the current valid restrictions you can find here.

Traveling from Taiwan to the Netherlands

As of April 19th 2022 you can freely travel to the Netherlands from Taiwan.

No PCR test is needed. No decleration of Health and No proof of Vaccination is needed.

For latest info check this website

Latest Covid news and case counter.

On this website of the Taiwan Center of Disease you can find the latest information about covid in Taiwan and how many cases there are currenly.

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