How is the Taiwanese education system?

Taiwan has a 12 -year basic education system for all students of which 9 years are compulsory. However most students choose to continue their study to university.

National education in Taiwan

Elementary school

At the age of 6 years children are going to Elementary school. Elementary school has six grades and thus takes six years. Classes are held from Monday till friday from early morning 7.30AM till 4PM afternoon. Typiically students go to the school nearest their residence.

Subjects the children learn are: Mandarin, Mathematics, Science (including basic biology, physics and chemistry) English (compulsory from grade 3) Music, Art. Some schools offer Native language classes such as Taiwanese or Hakka Chinese.

Junior High school

At the age of 12 students go to Junior High school, a 3 year program which prepares students for Senior high school or Junior college.

Subjects are: Literature, Mathematics, English, Science and Technology, Social studies, home economics and arts. History, geography and arts.

At the end of Junior High school senior high school exams are held. Schools are assigned based on their test scores. This is also the end of compulsory education however almost every student chooses to continue to studies.

Regular senior high school or Junior college

At age 15 students can choose to go to Senior high school a 3 year track which prepares them to go to university or a 5 year track to Junior College which prepares them for regular jobs or if they wish also for further studies.

Both Senior high school and Junior college prepares the students for University entrance exams. The pace is more higher than junior high school and focus is to get a best possible score so a good university can be chosen.


At age of 18 years students can enter University where they can get their Bachelor’s Degree in their field of studies. Depending on their field of study it can take from 4 to 7 years. After students can continue their studies for a Master’s and Doctor’s degree.

source: Government portal Taiwan [1]

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