New Year fireworks Taiwan: where to watch it online

Although I have never seen it for real, every year I try to watch the Taiwan fireworks online. I thought maybe I can share some of the streams with you so you can also watch it! Taiwan 2023 fireworks show Scroll down to go to the livestream of the fireworks. I’ll keep on updating during … Read more

Podcast Taiwan: #5 Formosa files

Formosa files is easily my favorite podcast about Taiwan. Currently in its second season it airs an episode every Thursday. Formosa files podcast is sponsored by the Frank Chen Foundation and started in September 2021. It covers history of Taiwan but in a wide variety of topics. It is hosted by John Grant Ross and … Read more

Religion in Taiwan: A short guide

When Traveling in Taiwan you probably see many Temples and most likely you will come across some kind of religious celebrations and/or ritual. Therefore I would like to give you some background information about the Religions which are practiced in Taiwan. What is the most popular religion in Taiwan? Taiwan has a long history of … Read more

Taiwan open for tourists again from september 12th!

Taiwan government announced that after 2 and a half year waiting tourists can come and visit again. Earlier this year working, student and visas for business trip were already available again. Tourist entry is the next step in opening up Taiwan to the world again, in august the 7 day quarantine was already reduced to … Read more

Happy mid-autumn festival!

This weekend the mid-autumn festival, also known as moon or mooncake festival is celebrated in Taiwan. It is the 2nd most important celebration after Chinese New year. Today, I would like to tell you more about this fun celebration. [1] image credit About the mid-autum festival What is the mid-autumn (mooncake) festival? The moonfestival is … Read more

Visa application

Visa exemption program for tourists is resumed since september 12th, you do need to stay in a 4 day quarantine upon arrival. For latest Covid policy also check the current # COVID policy # Do you need a visa to travel to Taiwan from Netherlands? Nationals from the Netherlands are eligible for the visa exemption … Read more

Covid policy Taiwan

Taiwan has a very strict Covid policy. Very early they noticed the covid virus and being an island they soon shut it down for international travel. Also standing alone on the international podium (they are excluded from the World Health Organization) and also difficult to get any vaccinations later on this strict covid policy was … Read more