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  • Democracy and politics in Taiwan

    Is Taiwan a democracy? Yes, Taiwan is a democracy since 1987 and is one of the most liberal and democratic country in all of South East Asia. History & background of Politics in Taiwan The Republic of China’s constitution was already in place in 1947 however Taiwan has not been been a Democracy since then.…

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  • Demography of Taiwan

    Some facts about Taiwan Demography, source: National Statistics bureau Taiwan. How many people live in Taiwan? Taiwan is a densily populated country. because half the country is forest and mountain area most of the cities are concentrated on the plains area in the north, west and southcoast of the island. Currently about 23,5 million people…

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  • Geography of Taiwan

    Geography of Taiwan

    Geography of Taiwan – Republic Of China (R.O.C). Where is Taiwan? Taiwan, or its official name Republic of China, is a country which lies in East Asia. It is totally surrounded by water. In total it consists of about 168 islands but the main island takes up most of the land area. Closest country is…

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  • Climate of Taiwan

    Some basic information about the climate of Taiwan What kind of climate does Taiwan have? According to the K√∂ppen-Geiger’s climate classification there are twelve different climate types in Taiwan: Tropical: rainforest (Af),Monsoon (Am) and Savannah (Aw) Temperate: dry winter-hot summer (Cwa), dry winter-warm summer (Cwb) and dry winter-cold summer (Cwc) Temperate: no dry season-hot summer…

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  • Infrastructure Taiwan

    Infrastructure Taiwan

    How is the infrastructure of Taiwan Roads in Taiwan In Taiwan there is about 20,000 km of highway roads in total. The biggest are the 3 north-to-south Freeways all located on the westside of the island. There are also 5 express ways from East-to-West which connects the eastcoast to the westcoast. Next to that there…

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  • Modern Dutch architecture in Taiwan

    Modern Dutch architecture in Taiwan

    The other day I read a news which attracted my attention: The Taipei Performance Art Center was opened. I remember back 6 years ago when I lived in Taiwan construction of the building had already started. You can easily notice this building when you go to the Shilin district, its right next to the entrance…

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  • Taiwanese restaurant Jen’s Bing

    Taiwanese restaurant Jen’s Bing

    I believe anyone who has ever visited Taiwan must have been suprised about the amount of good food you’ll find there and ever since I left Taiwan I miss the Taiwan food. I have some Taiwanese cooking books but it is hard to find the right ingredients and recreate the authentic streetfood dishes. In the…

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  • A Taiwanese videogame: The Legend of Tianding

    A Taiwanese videogame: The Legend of Tianding

    As winter is approaching and the temperatures drop, and also with Covid cases in the Netherlands rising. I’d like to spend my time indoors. One of the things I like to do is to play casual games on my computer.Recently I found a game called The Legend of Tian-ding. A sidescrolling action adventure game. Now…

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