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  • Happy mid-autumn festival!

    Happy mid-autumn festival!

    This weekend the mid-autumn festival, also known as moon or mooncake festival is celebrated in Taiwan. It is the 2nd most important celebration after Chinese New year. Today, I would like to tell you more about this fun celebration. [1] image credit About the mid-autum festival What is the mid-autumn (mooncake) festival? The moonfestival is…

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  • Visa application

    Visa exemption program for tourists is resumed since september 12th, you do need to stay in a 4 day quarantine upon arrival. For latest Covid policy also check the current # COVID policy # Do you need a visa to travel to Taiwan from Netherlands? Nationals from the Netherlands are eligible for the visa exemption…

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  • Covid policy Taiwan

    Taiwan has a very strict Covid policy. Very early they noticed the covid virus and being an island they soon shut it down for international travel. Also standing alone on the international podium (they are excluded from the World Health Organization) and also difficult to get any vaccinations later on this strict covid policy was…

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  • Exploring 6 popular traditional fishing warfs and harbors in Taiwan

    Exploring 6 popular traditional fishing warfs and harbors in Taiwan

    Are you looking for the best places to find Seafood and experience the sea traditions of Taiwan? Today I would like to show you some of the best traditional fishing harbors you can visit in Taiwan. Taiwan has a rich historical and cultural tradition in fishing. This is not a supprise being an Island surrounded…

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  • List of Taiwanese political parties and presidents

    What are the political parties and presidents in Taiwan: A complete list A list of the major political parties which participate in Taiwan democratic country current day. Followed by a list of Presidents which the Republic of China (Taiwan) had from its founding in 1912 until now. List of Political party’s in Taiwan Party Alliance…

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  • How is the Taiwanese education system?

    Taiwan has a 12 -year basic education system for all students of which 9 years are compulsory. However most students choose to continue their study to university. National education in Taiwan Elementary school At the age of 6 years children are going to Elementary school. Elementary school has six grades and thus takes six years.…

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  • List of largest Taiwan universities

    A list of some of the largest Taiwanese universities for you to check out if you are looking to follow your studies in Taiwan. Click on the link to go their website. Personally I did my master thesis at Taipei Tech University. I would definitely recommend going there. If you intend to study Mandarin scroll…

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  • Taiwan Language

    What language do the people in Taiwan speak? People in Taiwan both speak Mandarin, Taiwanese and some speak minority Formosan languages. What language is mostly spoken in Taiwan? The language most spoken in Taiwan is Taiwanese mandarin. It was introduced after 1945 when R.O.C. took over the island from Japan rule. Taiwan uses Traditional Chinese…

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