Podcast Taiwan: #4 Early Japanese Rule in Taiwan and Korea

Justin M Jacobs is a professor at the American University in Washington and is a historian about China, Xinjiang, the Silk Road, antiquities, and archaeology. He wrote several books about these topics. He made a podcast series of 61 episodes all about the history of China and Japan. In his podcasts series he explains and gives an indepth historical view of the history and politics of China and Japan.

In this particular podcast Justin talks about the time when Taiwan and Korea where colonies of Japan. He talks about how Japan handled with having colonies for the first time. How they were structured and developed.

He talks about how Korea and Taiwan had different historical cultural identity and how these backgrounds influenced how the colonies developed.

I really like Justin his style of explaining the history of Japanese rule very in depth. Giving many background information and details.

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Podcast: episode 46: Early Japanese Rule in Taiwan and Korea

Duration: 72 minutes, 55 seconds

Language: english