Podcast Taiwan: #3 The history of Taiwan

Justin M Jacobs is a professor at the American University in Washington and is a historian about China, Xinjiang, the Silk Road, antiquities, and archaeology. He wrote several books about these topics. He made a podcast series of 61 episodes all about the history of China and Japan. In his podcasts series he explains and gives an indepth historical view of the history and politics of China and Japan.

In the particular podcast below Justin explains about the history of Taiwan. First he gives an introduction about Taiwan and its early history during pre-Ming and Qin Dynasty rule. He explains that the europeans arrive more early in Taiwan than the Chinese!

He explained how and why during the mid seventeen century while the dutch were based at southern Taiwan in Mainland China a civil war was raging between the Ming and Qin Dynasty. And a Ming dynasty loyalist conquered Taiwan from the Dutch. And how Qin dynasty acquired and kept Taiwan.

Furthermore he goes into how Taiwan became a Japanese colony and how after a new civil war between the communists and nationalists Taiwan stayed under control of the Republic of China and how that relates to modern day Taiwan.

I really like Justin his style of explaining the history very in depth. Giving many background info and details.

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Podcast: episode 36: The history of Taiwan

Duration: 96 minutes, 05 seconds

Language: english