Bubble tea: the refreshing Taiwanese drink

So what is bubble tea? Well, the simple answer is that bubble tea is the drink that everybody in Taiwan loves. Originally from Taiwan the popular bubble tea or also called “Boba” is made of Taiwan iced tea and Tapioca pearls and now is spread all over south east Asia. It is the national drink of Taiwan and in almost every block in Taipei you’ll find a bubble tea shop selling a wide range of varieties of bubble tea.

If you order you can choose out of a long list of different teas. Then you can choose the flavor of ‘bubbles’, my favorite was Oolong tea with Tapioca pearls and pieces of coconut jelly. Tapioca pearls are made of the starch of the cassava root and taste kind of chewy and sweet. It brings texture and flavor to the drink. When you finally have chosen which one you want you are not there yet. You still need choose the amount of ice and sugar to add. Most Taiwanese are very careful in their choice: Some want not too much sugar and a lot of ice. Others want half sugar and a little ice. So if you order this for a friend prepare to remember the details! Most famous brands you will see in Taipei streets are 50’s and Coco’s. Bubble tea is the perfect drink for a hot summer day!

I personally would recommend to try at least the Oolong tea with tapioca pearls and coconut as well as the more traditional milk bubble tea.

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