B01| My very first blog!

Hello I call myself Mr. A. I am 32 years and currently live in the Netherlands. Back in 2016 I Studied in Taiwan for a short while and since Then I’ve visited Taiwan several times.

What will be this website about? In blog I will write my thoughts, experiences or whatever I feel writing about. Under section Taiwan I will write about Taiwan and my experiences traveling in Taiwan. I have lots of photos and stories to share with you! I also shall try sharing the best of Holland with you! I shall try and write every article in English and Traditional Chinese. At least until my mandarin gets better I still will use google-translate. My apologies in advance if I make any mistakes!

Ever Since I got back from taiwan I wanted to try and learn Mandarin. I’ve tried several times but every time I quit after a while due to lack of time or motivation. In section study-with-me I want to write about learning Mandarin. My progress, struggles and sucesses and maybe I can share some tips with you. Also I would like to invite everyone who is also interested in learning Mandarin to join in. Maybe we can learn together!

I hope that for the reader this website will be as much fun to read as I have fun making it!

So here it is, my very first blog! 

Hope you all have a nice day!

– Mr A. –

* for simplified Chinese reading. You can easily use google automatic translation from Traditional to Simplified Chinese.