Waterfront Park

Dagou stream

Follow the river, watch the insects, butterflies and birds fly around you.

Have a view from the old bridge, have a look at the riverside. Can you spot the fish?

Enjoy the park from every angle

Wander into the lush green forest, explore the path to the Yuanjue waterfall.

Yuanjue Waterfall

Where will the path take


Explore the 


Enjoy the Yuanjue waterfall and waterpools at the resting area. Take a rest before you head back or if you want continue towards Bishan temple.

Yuanjue waterfall

An amazing hike starting from Taipei

–Mr. A.-


How to get to Dagouxi 

The easiest way to visit the park is by metro. Take the MRT to Dahu Park MRT station. From there follow the signs, its just 9 min walk. (700m)

Taipei MRT


Hike info

Total length: 4.5km Approx. time: 2hr